Holidays I celebrate each year

I celebrate a lot of holidays with my family, many are some that are not my favorites, and some I look forward to each year and many more. This little blogpost will be about some of my holidays that I celebrate.

New Years

I have mutual feelings about this holiday and it happens on January 1st. In this holiday my family and I go to meet my grandparents. One reason I like about this holiday is that I can meet my grandparents and cousins who I usually only meet on holidays. We eat a lot of food and usually I have to stay up late.

Childrens day

I liked this holiday a lot since I was little and it was one of my favorite holidays because I got gifts. This holiday feels very short because I have to do things for parents day that happens after 3 days.


This is a traditional holiday in Korea though I never knew what it was really for, we celebrated it every year. Like New Years, I also went to meet my grandparents, and we ate food like rice cakes, fruits etc.


On Halloween we dress up in costumes and get more candy. I enjoy this holiday because it is fun and special, though I did not celebrate it this year, last year ( old school ) people would stay at school and go trick or treating at night around the neighborhood.


This is the last holiday that I celebrate in this year, and it is also my favorite holiday and we celebrate it because it was Jesus’s birthday, so we also go to church on this day. One reason I like about this holiday is that people like Santa makes things interesting and the gifts. But also this holiday is also very lively.